aseptic container systems

the aseptic containers summarized by our brandname eurocont stainless steel container systems ensure quality during transport and storage, allow sterile draining and filling, provide protection against deformation during transport and secure aseptic conditions inside and outside by easy cleaning. through this the aseptic totes of our eurocont product line make possible the sterile transport and storage of sensitive liquids for various sectors of the food industry but also for pharmaceutical ingredients and hazardous liquids of all kinds.

Aseptic stainless steel container for the fruit processing industry

for fruit preparations

Eurocont aseptic stainless steel tote for beverage bases and concentrates

for basic ingredients for beverages

Aseptic stainless steel tank for flavours and essences

for flavors & essences

Eurocont aseptic tote for the bakery industry

for viscous & thermostable products

Eurocont stainless steel tote with heating / cooling jacket

for heated & cooled products

Eurocont aseptic stainless steel tote for dangerous products

for hazardous goods