foundation 1971 - 1988

in 1971 automationstechnik gmbh is founded by heinz reich. the company is focused on the manufacturing of plants and container for the food and chemical industry.

in 1974 the first cylindrical stackable stainless steel pressure container is introduced to the market as eurocont, developed and produced by automationstechnik.

since then, the eurocont has been used by the leading companies of the fruit and dairy industry and enables new quality and microbiological standards in the fruit and dairy industry.

expansion 1988 - 2003

shortly after the opening of the new production site in Langenwang in 1988, Thilo Reich takes over the management of the company in 1990. the production of aseptic containers for the global fruit and food industry gets constantly further expanded and developed.

the company strengthens its international presence and, in addition to the serial production of aseptic containers, also deals with the construction of special containers.

innovation 2003 - 2012

our product families of aseptic containers for foodstuffs is extensively expanded with the market launches of the chococont, especially developed for the transport of liquid chocolate, and the presentation of the vinocont product range for the austrian and worldwide wine industry.

within the product range of ibc container systems, we expand our product portfolio with the market launches of s-ibc and e-ibc.

expansion 2013-2018

with the expansion of the factory in Langenwang and the modernization of the machine park, as well as process optimization and digitization, production quantities and capacities are expanded and process flexibility and efficiency are increased.

additional storage areas enable the creation of a new central warehouse and centralization of material supply and storage.

in 2016 we launch the metercube on the market, a cubic IBC which impresses with its optimal use of space for various means of transport.

fit for the future 2018 - 2023

in 2018 we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our plant in Langenwang and three years later - in 2021, the year of our 50th company anniversary, we open our Chinese sales subsidiary automationstechnik trading shanghai.

long-term strategic partnerships and a strong supply chain strategy guarantee permanent security of supply and make automationstechnik your innovative and reliable partner for a sustainable future.